Asphalt Patching

Choose Pavecon’s Asphalt Patching Services

Pavecon’s asphalt patching strategies are designed to fit every client’s specific needs. At Pavecon Alabama, we have mastered a variety of patching practices. For over 25 years, our crews have helped fix and repair blacktop surfaces in Alabama. If you need pavement patching in Birmingham or the surrounding areas, Pavecon is the paving contractor for you.

Types of Asphalt Patches

  • Pothole
  • Surface
  • Overlay
  • Dig out (Removal)
  • Excavation

We recommend pothole patching when one or more potholes have formed in your surface. Potholes form unexpectedly and are dangerous. It is important to address them quickly. Our pothole repair crews will restore your blacktop surface in no time.

Our crews utilize the surface patch for pavement in good condition. This technique doesn’t require base layer removal. The blacktop surface simply receives a surface level patch. Therefore, we recommend this to client’s with their pavement still intact.

The overlay patch helps fill asphalt sinkage. Over time, blacktop surfaces may become uneven. The lowered areas will begin to collect water, oil, and other liquids. The overlay patch will address this, establishing a level surface.

We perform dig out patching when the pavement has experienced moderate to severe damage. The dig out patch requires the removal of broken asphalt, down to the pavement base layer. This patch requires more time to complete and is a more permanent repair than the overlay patch.

The excavation patch repairs severely damaged blacktop. Excavation is important when pavement has contaminated areas. This can occur for a variety of reasons and removing contaminated asphalt completely is critical.

Above all, our patching services will repair your problem areas. Call us today at (205) 477-6100 in order to find out more about our asphalt repair services.