Concrete Paving

Pave Your Concrete Parking Lot With Pavecon

Our crews at Pavecon know how critical concrete is to  companies, and organizations in Alabama. Our team is able to deliver top quality concrete services for an array of client types. We have a history of working with industrial buildings, factories, automotive dealerships, medical centers, religious facilities and more. For over two and a half decades our crews have helped shape the concrete infrastructure that is present in Alabama. Our concrete parking lot paving services are known for professionalism, attention to detail, and high customer service.

How Concrete Paving Helps Your Business

Your concrete parking lot plays a key role in the success of your businesses daily functions. It is crucial to make certain that your customers have a safe and well-built parking lot to utilize, in order to access your business. It also tends to make a very important first impression on your customers as they visit your business storefront.

Concrete vs Asphalt for your Parking Lot

Concrete parking lots exhibit a variety of benefits over the standard asphalt parking lot. First, concrete parking lots need substantially less maintenance during their lifespan. Besides joint sealing and regularly scheduled cleaning, concrete parking lots need very little maintenance. Concrete is a more cost-effective and durable option for the hotter, southern states. The brighter color of concrete helps to reduce wear by absorbing less heat. Over the course of your concrete’s lifespan, this leads to fewer concrete repairs.

Properly designed, constructed, and installed concrete can last for many years. That’s why Pavecon Alabama is the premier concrete paving company in BirminghamContact us today at (205) 477-6100 to learn about all of our concrete services.