Concrete Repair

Repair Your Concrete With Pavecon

Concrete repairs are important to the longterm preservation strategy of your concrete surface. Pavecon Alabama recognizes the importance of maintaining the well being of your concrete. Our team at Pavecon has been a premier paving contractor in Birmingham, Alabama for years. With this valuable experience, we are always ready and prepared to address all forms of concrete damage, and the necessary concrete repairs.

There are a few types of damage that often occur with concrete.

Structural Cracks

Structural cracks are cracks that occur due to poor construction methods. Whether it be improper concrete design or overexertion of the concrete material. Cracks jeopardize the functionality and safety of the concrete. Structural cracks may lead to injury or damage.

Non-structural Cracks

Non-structural cracks exist mostly in concrete surfaces that have experienced heavy objects, large building materials, and other strains. These cracks are usually very unnerving and can lead to the notion that the concrete structure or surface is unstable.

Macro Defects

Macro defects in concrete are a visible result of concrete deterioration. This is usually caused by water, chemicals, or foreign objects penetrating the concrete surface and altering its structure.

Micro Defects

Micro defects are small defects in the surface. They can play an important role in the health of your concrete surface or structure. These extremely fine cracks in the surface are usually due to the use of low-grade cement materials or a high water to cement ratio.

Pavecon Alabama is ready to provide concrete repairs in Birmingham and throughout the state. Contact us today at (205) 477-6100 to learn how we can repair your concrete.