Parking Lot Milling

Choose Pavecon’s Parking Lot Milling Services

Parking lot milling is required if you are restoring your asphalt parking lot. Since 1992, Pavecon Alabama has utilized milling practices on parking lots and roads. We recommend milling because it keeps your base and sub base layers in tact. This method of repair is cost efficient, effective, and repeatable, allowing for consistent pavement restoration.

What is Pavement Milling

The milling process utilizes machinery to remove the top portion of an asphalt surface. After milling the surface material, The unwanted blacktop is removed. The broken asphalt can be utilized in the new pavement aggregate or a fresh layer of asphalt can be installed. If you are in need of parking lot paving services, Pavecon has you covered. Our team of paving professionals will be transparent and upfront about everything within the paving project. At Pavecon, we are proud to deliver fair pricing alongside hard work and dedication.

Above all, if you need asphalt repair, or another paving service, Pavecon is the paving company in Alabama you can trust. Call today at (205) 477-6100 to learn about all of our paving services.