Pavement Maintenance

Maintain Your Pavement With Pavecon

At Pavecon Alabama our pavement maintenance crews are experts in delivering the most effective and efficient concrete maintenance strategies. Our crews know the importance of your concrete parking lot. We highly recommend utilizing a number of pavement maintenance techniques in order to properly maintain your concrete. For over 25 years, Pavecon Alabama has been offering an array of the most beneficial paving services to businesses.

Types of Pavement Maintenance

Joint caulking, or expansion caulking, is a very useful form of pavement maintenance that is employed by Pavecon Alabama. Then we apply the urethane caulk to the joints of the concrete. This allows for the concrete pieces to slightly expand and contract successfully, without experiencing any form of significant damage.

There are a number of other very useful forms of pavement maintenance such as yearly power washing, protective coat application, and concrete marking. By utilizing these methods, you can substantially reduce the amount of stress on your concrete. Therefore, reducing the amount of damage that it sustains over time.

Pavecon Alabama is the premier paving contractor serving Birmingham  businesses. If you are located in Birmingham, Alabama or the surrounding areas and are in needs of pavement maintenance services, make sure to contact us at (205) 477-6100.