Road Milling

Choose Pavecon to Restore Your Asphalt Road

Pavecon has been milling Alabama roads since 1992. As a premier paving company serving Alabama, we have proudly helped restore roads and parking lots throughout the state. We serve Birmingham and greater Alabama with numerous paving services. Our teams are known for unparalleled professionalism and top of the line customer satisfaction. If you are in need of road milling in Alabama, make sure to contact Pavecon.

What is the Road Milling Process

This process consists of a number of steps. First we perform a thorough pavement evaluation. This allows us to locate the most problematic pavement areas and focus specifically on those places.

After evaluating your asphalt road, we can begin the restoration process. This practice includes removing surface layer asphalt. Inspecting, repairing and prepping base pavement layers.  Then adding a new layer of asphalt to the surface.

Pavecon is ready to deliver on all of our paving services. We are proud to serve the citizens of Alabama, providing top of the line services. If you are in need of pavement restoration, contact Pavecon Alabama.